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Maureen Guarnieri-Yeager

  I have been in love with photography my entire life.  After a full career and raising a family, I was able to settle down and study my passion. When I began photography my main focus was still imagery. I explored the hills and farms of New England and captured its beauty. Soon, I began traveling, and as I did I began expanding my subject matter. A lot can be said in a picture and I strive to capture it all. My favorite subject to shoot is “abandoned and forgotten.”

     Now I have advanced and broadened my horizons. I work with commercial photography, real estate photography as well as urban portraiture.  

     By no means have I discontinued my still photography. My subjects and style are continuously blossoming. I have since moved to the mid south region of the United States and have found new exciting projects to shoot. Please browse my galleries and get an idea of my style. All of the pictures here are for sale in various sizes and paper types. You may contact me with any questions if you’d like, or to set up an appointment for urban portraiture or a commercial shoot in the greater Lexington, KY area. 

Wall Art
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